The Island 1

Jenn and Erik were set up on a blind date late one Saturday night.  They headed out to Windenburg for a dinner cruise, which started out really lovely.

A storm crept up on the small yacht and soon panic struck when everyone realized they were sinking.  The crew got everyone into the lifeboat and headed in the direction of the shore.

Or so they thought.

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Bassett Redo

The Bassett Legacy did not survive all the game patches, but Jenn Bassett, the original sim from 2014, got a huge overhaul.

TS4_x64 2017-06-03 23-45-13-07.jpg

This is the newest rendition of my simself.   There are only four pieces of CC on her.

She has skin details:  [mai] rising sun adult skin details v2

Origin ID: xoxJennxox

You will need to enable custom content and the links are also in her comments.

I will be posting up her current challenge and her next challenge this weekend.

Chapter 11

Last time,  everyone worked on aspirations.  Then I got bored and had Trey, Evan and the kid he adopted, Clint, move out.  Christian and Jessie welcomed a second daughter, Hayley.  Oh and they got a new house that you won’t see much of because I hated it.  That’s about it I think.  Nope, I lied.  Jessie is pregnant again and now we are ready to continue.

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Chapter 10

I have not even looked at my game in forever.  Between Dragon Age: Origins (which was free!  I now own all the DLC and expack for it too), the Halloween challenge at the Asylum and a WYD for Sims 2, I have just not been interested in this game.  Last time we lost Jacklyn and Jarrod.  Evan adopted Clint.  Christian married Jessie and they had a baby girl that I never told you the name of.  Ha.

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Chapter 9

10-05-14_1-04 PM

I hate opening up a chapter like this, but I had no clue what would happen.  Jacklyn insta-upgraded and instant fixed everything in the house and then was sent to play for a bit.   Here she is showing off her new S-Club skin.  I don’t like it because it kills her wrinkles and skintone.  It will be deleted eventually.

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